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I am going to use it in my Godot tutorial

shout out to you .

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dude I tried it, and now I wish I wasn't broke. (because you deserve the money) it's almost like you saved my marriage to godot 3 because I was about to just wait til godot 4. but god this feels great. a little finick-y and glitchy when exporting, but when it works? on god it's great. solid 10/10 tool takes most of the work out.


Thank you bro, you helping me to create auto tile, if I didn't find this tool maybe I just use single tile for every tile.

Thank you!It' really helpful.

It would be better if you could add more instructions to the software!

what instructions do you miss?

I don't think importing is working in godot 3.5. It only shows as a empty tileset.

Hard to use this tool with godot 3.2.

Here's how i success. If i did other way, godot says errors message that i can't solve (dependance's errors but unsolvable !) :

Launch autotiler.AppImage

Useless to configure "Tile size" because the software determines it automaticaly.

Choose the file "Input File (Wang)" (murs.png for example) then "Export as Godot Tileset"

It creates 3 files : murs.png murs.import and murs.tres

Copy them at the ROOT of the godot's project using a file manager.

Launch godot and open the project. The 3 files are automaticaly imported.

In the dock "Filesystem" of godot, double-click on murs.tres

Godot tells that he can't load the scene because of lack of dependances.

Click on "Correct the dependances".

He tells that the ressource murs.png that as the path res://murs/murs.png isn't good.

Click on the icon to the right to choose manualy.

Select murs.png then validate.

The error window is still here but click on "Open anyway" (approximative traduction !).

In the tab "TileSet", everything displays : Region, Collision and Bitmask !

Create a "Tilemap" node and in the inspector, click on "Tile Set" -> load then select murs.tres

Configure Cell>Size as you want.

The Regions, Collisions and Bitmask are still present.

We can now move murs.png and murs.tres in a sub-folder via the godot's dock "Filesystem".

In the future, if we want to modify mur.png, we can do it with gimp for example by editing directly mur.png in the godot's project directory.

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Consignes à suivre scrupuleusement sinon godot fait des messages d'erreurs que je n'arrive pas à réparer (pbs de dépendances mais même en les trafiquant ça ne marche pas) :

Lancer autotiler.AppImage

Inutile de configurer "Tile size" car le programme le détermine automatiquement.

Choisir le fichier "Input File (Wang)" (fichier murs.png) puis "Export as Godot Tileset"

Ça créé 3 fichiers : murs.png murs.import et murs.tres

Les copier à la RACINE de son projet godot en utilisant un gestionnaire de fichier.

Lancer godot et ouvrir son projet. Les 3 fichiers sont automatiquement importés.

Dans le dock "Système de fichiers" de godot, double-cliquer sur la ressource murs.tres

Godot dit qu'il n'a pas pu charger la scène car des dépendances manquent.

Cliquer sur "Corriger les dépendances".

Il dit que la Ressource murs.png de chemin res://murs/murs.png ne convient pas.

Cliquer sur l'icone à droite en forme de dossier pour la sélectionner manuellement.

Sélectionner murs.png puis valider.

La fenêtre d'erreur est toujours ouverte mais cliquer sur "Ouvrir quand même".

Dans l'onglet "TileSet" tout s'affiche maintenant correctement (avec Region, Collision et Bitmask configurés).

Créer un nœud Tilemap et dans l'Inspecteur, cliquer sur "Tile Set" -> Charger et sélectionner murs.tres

Configurer Cell>Size

Les Régions, Collisions et Bitmask sont toujours présents.

On peut maintenant déplacer murs.png et murs.tres dans un sous-dossier via le dock "Système de fichiers" de godot.

Par la suite, si on veut modifier un peu mur.png, on peut le faire via n'importe quel logiciel (gimp ou autotiler par ex) directement en éditant mur.png du répertoire de projet de godot.

Hey sorry I don’t speak French, can you post it in English please?

Ok. Because it's you !


Do you have any plans to open-source this?

It looks like it’d be useful for one of the hobby projects I have planned, but I’m borderline religious about only using open-source tooling.

(I won’t hold it against you. I just need to know whether to bookmark this or continue with my pre-existing plans to write my own open-source tool like this.)

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The code is written in electron and JS and needs a lot of refactoring because I wrote it quickly and it was kind of my first electron app, but I will be happy of other people collaborating with it.

Would be nice to create a good OSS alternative to Tilesetter.

I open-sourced the repository and you can find it here:

Hey, that’s better than some of my projects, where I just can’t quite get over my sense of perfectionism enough to push them public before they’ve been refactored a bit.

The important thing is that people know they’re allowed to contribute, and have access to a proper form for editing.

I’m already behind on my own projects, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever find time to contribute to the code, but I can at least add it to my Libre Game Dev Tools collection to get it more attention.

that’s cool thanks!

No problem. I’ll also toss “16x16 RPG character sprite sheet” in Libre Game Assets while I’m at it.